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» » » Analog fax server 4 ports, extendable up to 8

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Analog fax server 4 ports, extendable up to 8

- FS1980/4
Analog fax server 4 ports, extendable up to 8
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3.199,00€ Excluding VAT
3.870,79€ VAT INCLUDED

Fax server for 4 analog lines, up to 8 ports max., HDD memory, delivered with Access software

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Almost every fax in the world is connected to an analogue telephone line or analogue PBX extension.

When it comes to choosing a Fax Server the Fax Servers Quarto or Octo are a logical choice, since both models are connected to the same analogue lines you already use. 


After the installation you will really experience the difference between a Fax Server and an old fashioned Fax machine: There is no need for paper or toner or maintenance anymore.


What might be even more important: Faxes can be sent from every PC workstation. incoming faxes are automatically routed to your e-mail inbox and all sent and received faxes are kept in a comprehensive archive.


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