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2N Helios IP

Geïntegreerde badge reader voor Helios IP

Referentie : H9137430
Geïntegreerde badge reader voor Helios IP

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Ge&iuml;ntegreerde badge reader voor Helios IP
Ge&iuml;ntegreerde badge reader voor Helios IP

124,00€ excl. BTW
150,04€ incl. BTW

Te integreren badgelezer kaart voor Helios IP, geleverd met 10 badges type cc of keyfobs

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Optional card reader


The optional card reader module facilitates the use of RFID cards for 2N® Helios IP lock and switch control. Connect the module to any 2N® Helios IP recent version and configure the system easily using the web interface.


Moreover, the module contains two additional switches and universal digital inputs and outputs for user applications (open door control, light activation).


2N® Helios IP with an additional card reader module can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated in your existing security system equipped with a Wiegand or RS-485 interface.


Capacity : 10 general badges and 90 badges linked with logged users 


Features :

• RFID technology 125kHz - EM4100/4102
• 2 additional switches
• Digital inputs and outputs
• Wiegand/RS-485 interface
• Web configuration
• Time profiles for cards (Pro licence on Helios IP required)



• Simple solution for comfortable and secure entry
• Higher security level
• Up to 4 switches  (Pro licence on Helios IP required)
• Entrance monitoring
• All functions in one system
• Integration with security systems


Target groups:


• Offices and office buildings
• Residential areas, apartment buildings, suburban settlements
• Parking places
• Detention centres
• Schools
... any facilities where a secure and simple door control is needed

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Carte lecteur de badges à intégrer pour Helios IP