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» » » Telaccess x buttons (up to 72) - Antivandal - Industrial quality

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Telaccess x buttons (up to 72) - Antivandal - Industrial quality

- Telacces 1B xPB
Telaccess x buttons (up to 72) - Antivandal - Industrial quality
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Special version, on request, up to 72 buttons, large window for names, special camera, ...

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Special dimensions : up to 600 x 1050mm




Embedded mounting

Front plate in aluminium 4mm
Indoor & outdoor installation
Security screws
PABX and public Telecom line connection
Volume control – emission and reception
Very powerful emission level
Anti-vandal call buttons
Automatic call management (DSP)
Call monitoring – enabled / disabled
2 relays with programmable DTMF codes and duration
Latch mode possibility on relay 2 (video server or light control)
Building protection capabilities
Relay command with external contact (exit button)
Remote access and programmation with DTMF codes
Privacy listening
Day/night mode selection with different process
Hands-free mode
Push button(s) enabled/disabled
Programmable minimum press duration on button(s)
Wait for answer programmable per called number
End of communication after relay activity
End of communication on no activity delay
Communication limited / unlimited
Alarm detection + number to call in case of alarm
Voice detection sensitivity
4 called numbers on no reply or busy for first button
2 called numbers on no reply or busy for next button(s)
End of call enabled / disabled by second press on button
Telecom norms CTR 21
CE agreement
Relay timers from 1~300 seconds
Relays contact rating 2A / 12VDC
Relays contact NO and NC
Power supply 12 VDC 1000 mA




Rain cover for wall mounting
1 to 72 push buttons
Voice guidance 10 messages
Integrated badge reader (tot 748 badges)
Integrated camera
LCD backlighted screen 2 lines
Remote control with Windows interface
IP 65 rain protection
IP video server

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